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When You’d Like to Retire but Your Parent Needs Assisted Living

Work - Retire signpost in a desert backgroundIt is no secret when they say that retirement is very expensive. A lot of people do their best to plan for when their golden years come around but for some people, they can’t put enough away and this can become a burden on their families. Social security is the best way for a lot of people to pay for their retirement. Over 61% of people say that this pays for most of their income and this can help to pay towards assisted living care as well. You will also find that a lot of people have a savings account that can help them to put away as well so it is also worth talking to a financial adviser to see if there is any money left in these accounts that can help pay towards their care in general.

If you need to, you could also use your parent’s home to pay for their own care if this is absolutely needed. If the time is bad for you to sell your home or if the market is bad then you may want to consider taking out a reverse mortgage or even a second mortgage to help you cover the cost. Another idea that is worth looking into is long term care insurance. A lot of Americans are covered by this but is true that there are some exceptions. Do your best to do some research to see if your parents are eligible for this kind of payment and if they are then you may want to talk with a financial adviser to see if they can help you to get what you need.

So as you can see, it is entirely possible for you to retire as well as getting your parents the assisted living they need.