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What Do You Spend More On Than Your Retirement?

In general, people aren’t doing a great job saving for retirement. While there are a lot of reasons why people aren’t saving for retirement and are spending their money elsewhere, the bottom line is that, for many people, retirement is a long way off.

According to the Wall Street Journal, people really don’t think about saving for retirement until they “see” themselves older. While it’s possible for many people to think a few years into the future, hence why we make financial goals, longer-term planning is much more difficult. The combination of time plus impact creates, in our minds, a nebulous future that makes attaching importance to saving for it difficult. Even though we logically know the future is coming, it’s still hard to sacrifice now.

Retirement savings ranges among age groups, which makes sense since younger people have had less time to save than their parents. According to CNBC, the median retirement savings for the top age range for Millennials and younger Gen Xers is $480. That number jumps for people age 38-43, as they have a median of $4,200 saved for retirement. Those aged 56-61 have the most saved, but still have only $17,000 saved for retirement… read more