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Adults and the Importance of Social Interaction

Elder care nurse playing jigsaw puzzle with senior woman in nursing homeAs you get older, you may find that your opportunities to socialize just aren’t as much as they were when you were younger. If you are not going to work every day for example, then what do you do? After all, by staying social, you can help to ward off dementia as well as making sure that you maintain a good standard of health with an improved level of cognitive function. People who maintain very close friendships and find ways to socialize have actually been proven to live longer when compared to those who live in isolation.

So how can being social help you? The main thing it can help you with is that it can reduce the risk for cancer, osteoporosis and even cardiovascular problems. On top of this, it can help you to maintain a lower blood pressure and it will ward off illnesses such as depression as well.

When you are isolated, you may find that you are less physically active, that you have a much higher risk of death and that you have high blood pressure as well. So as you can see, social activity helps you to keep your brain from becoming rusty but it is far more effective when you combine it with a healthy lifestyle and even a nutritious diet.

To stay more social, try and go down to your local club and meet up with some old friends, or pay a visit to your family members. If you struggle to get out of the house, then why not ask them to come and see you instead? It is things like this that really do make you feel happier on a day to day basis and you would be surprised at how beneficial it can be to you.

Having trouble keeping social? Why not come spend some time at our facility!