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Does Someone You Know Need Assisted Living?

cheerful young girl with an elderly woman playing with digital tablet at homeSometimes it can be incredibly difficult to care for someone who has dementia and it can really take its toll on friends and family as well. With over 15 million Americans currently caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, it’s important to know when the cost of care becomes too high because eventually you might not be able to carry this burden yourself. Of course, moving your family to a residential care home is never easy but there are some signs that you can look out for to make your decision easier.


The first sign you need to look out for is whether or not they wander. Wandering becomes a bigger and bigger problem in the later signs of Dementia and they can wander in the time it takes you to go to the bathroom.


Sundowner syndrome is when someone gets more agitated more and more as the day goes on. This can take a toll on you and them, and it can be very disruptive to your routine.


If your loved one is showing signs of verbal and physical aggression then this is another common sign of dementia. They may become resentful to you and this is the best time for you to start considering a placement for them so they can have someone who can better take care of their needs.


Is the person safe in your home or their own? If they are constantly tripping, falling or slipping then this may not be the case. In a care home, they will have nurses there to take care of this and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

So as you can see, there are things that you can look out for and this is the best way for you to decide whether or not your loved one requires assisted living.